Knowledge Aid
The problem of poverty can't be solved by
food aid alone
Knowledge is essential to the effort. We strive to empower the world’s youth and instill in them the confidence that comes from knowledge--one book at a time!
Knowledge Aid is a simple name for a simple organization.
We collect, sort, ship and distribute books to developing regions across Africa and South America;
While also providing scholarships to potential first generation college students who were or are refugees.

Join us.
123 million youths globally are illiterate. 61% of which are women and girls. 
We’re on a mission to fully furnish 300 libraries across the developing world and advance the education of 15 first generation college students by 2020.
Here is what separates us from the rest. 
100% Model

We put 100% of all donations toward our programs so you don’t have to worry about your donations going to unnecessary overhead.


We vet the schools and organizations we partner with so our programs impact communities who need them.

Global live-stream monitoring

In-progress and fully furnished libraries are tracked and located on a live-stream GPS for all donors to access and follow. 

“We cannot build our own future without helping others to build theirs.”

Bill Clinton
Voices for Knowledge Aid
“Knowledge is a key to everything and one that teach us how to safeguard our communities, I became aware of this NGO through my friend Åwet Goitom Woldegebriel.”
Canadian Humanitarian, Former Journalist, and founder The Global Enrichment Foundation, Amanda Lindhout
“Save the World one book at a time! Make Love (and read books) not war. Join Knowledge Aid in helping to empower tomorrow’ s leaders today! Sometimes one book is all it takes to inspire greatness!” 
Muscatine HUGO ChulachakChakrabongse
“Education is freedom, and books are the keys to that freedom, thank you for what you and your organization is doing” 
Argentine Education Minister, Esteban Bullrich
“When you see a young person like Awet taking a stand you can not help but jump on board, Education is the only true way out of poverty and freedom for girls” 
Irina Bokova; Director-General of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
"Please support Knowledge Aid and click like! It is an organization started by an Eritrean that has been honoured at the Clinton Global Initiative, Knowledge Aid sends hundreds of books to Eritrea and Kenya because they believe that change can happen through education not food aid!”
Supermodel, Anna Maria Lewiarz
"I think this is one of the smartest things I have seen in a long while....and I am sure it will be the most effective way to raise kids so they will be wise and solve the problems they may be facing!" 
Supermodel Christie Brinkley
"I love Knowledge Aid! Sustainable aid! Genius! I mean this is a no-brainer, providing water and education." 
Miss USA, Olivia Culpo
“Knowledge Aid makes good business sense; We can't feed our way to development, what the poorest amongst us need are more opportunities and books provide just that. We are honored to sponsor Knowledge Aid and Awet's vision”
Daniel Giersch-Founder and Managing Director of Giersch Ventures
"I remember how special my first book was to me, and I'm so happy to support Knowledge Aid as it helps children all over the world feel that same joy."
Humanitarian, Actress, Model, Businesswoman Beverly Johnson
Real. Permanent. Good.